I. parcel par‧cel 1 [ˈpɑːsl ǁ ˈpɑːr-] noun [countable]
1. TRANSPORT an object or objects, packed together and wrapped up ready to be sent somewhere ; = PACKAGE:

• The next lot of parcels is being delivered tomorrow.

• the train company's parcel service.

parcel post (= a mail service for collecting and delivering parcels )

2. PROPERTY a piece of land that is one of several parts of a larger area of land:

• The company owns 76 parcels of industrial land in 23 states.

• HTV is redeveloping a 21-acre parcel of land close to its studios.

3. FINANCE a set of related shares etc that are all sold or bought at the same time:

• They sold a big parcel of shares last week for £82.6 million.

  [m0] II. parcel parcel 2 verb parcelled PTandPPX parcelling PRESPARTX parceled PTandPPX parceling PRESPARTX
parcel something → out phrasal verb [transitive]
to divide something into several parts, especially in order to share it between several people:

• Farmers argue that parcelling out commercial farmland into small plots will reduce productivity.

• Savers may withdraw up to $600 from their accounts and any balances will be parceled out in 12 monthly instalments.

parcel something → up phrasal verb [transitive] TRANSPORT
to make something into a parcel by wrapping it, usually to send it somewhere

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parcel UK US /ˈpɑːsəl/ noun [C]
(UK an object or collection of objects wrapped in paper, especially so that it can be sent by post: »

There were several parcels waiting for her in the post room.

FINANCE a collection of things, for example investments, that are sold and bought together: »

The parcel of shares is worth between €2,000 and €3,000.

PROPERTY, MEASURES a unit representing an area of land that is made up of smaller parts, usually acres: »

A 100-acre parcel in Texas was one of five sites selected for development.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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